Psychiatric Evaluation/Medication Management

Kathleen Prendergast, APN will evaluate each client as an individual via a personal interview. Relevant medical, social and family history will be reviewed. Specific psychological/emotional issues that are of concern to the client will be addressed. Laboratory tests will be ordered if necessary to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing to symptoms or behaviors for which the client is seeking help. Psychotherapy will be provided, in conjunction with psychiatric medications if necessary. Genetic testing will be conducted if indicated to assist in treatment decisions. Referrals will be made to medical or psychological specialties as deemed necessary.

Ms. Prendergast APN specializes in treatment for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia, attention deficit disorders, trauma and stress related disorders, substance related and addictive disorders. Addictive disorders includes nicotine, alcohol and opiates. Treatment with Vivitrol is provided when indicated for alcohol and opiate use disorders. Suboxone treatment is not provided at this office but referrals can be made if needed.


Counselors provide services to people facing difficult circumstances or engaging in problematic behavior. They are similar in function to psychotherapists. The main difference is that counselors generally provide shorter-term help focused on finding solutions in the here-and-now. Psychotherapists typically provide longer-term treatment focused on improving insight into the past.

Christopher Tomkins, LPC, ACS, CCS uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to assist clients. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is one of the most research-backed forms of therapy. It is a goal-oriented therapy focused on addressing problematic thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Motivational Interviewing is also strongly supported by research. It helps motivate clients for change and supports their belief in themselves.

Mr. Tomkins believes that counseling should be a partnership where counselor and client work together to achieve solutions. In his initial sessions with you, he will help identify your own goals for therapy and then set out to achieve those goals. He does not prescribe medication but medication is available to his clients through Kathleen Prendergast, APN.


Caldwell Mental Health is a private practice providing individualized mental health services including medication and counseling.


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