Below are some websites that provide additional information about common mental health disorders, treatment practices, medications and support groups. While information on these websites can be useful, it is not a replacement for receiving professional mental health services. To inquire about professional treatment, contact us.

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Articles and Books by Our Clinicians

Psychiatric Case Studies for Advanced Practice (2018)
Authors: Kathleen M. Prendergast, Kasey Jackman

Psychiatric Nursing: Back to Basics
Authors: Cullen-Drill M, Prendergast KM.
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‚ÄčAnesthesia Awareness-Induced Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Authors: Prendergast KM, et al. 
Journal: Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health. 2012 Oct 15:1-6

Meet Assemblywoman Jasey: A Nurse in the State House. Interview by Kathleen Prendergast
Authors: Jasey MM.
Journal: NJ Nurse. 2012 Oct;42(4):9